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Private personal training tailored to you. We offer one-to-one personal training to clients right across the area at our state-of-the-art gym facility in the city- meaning you’ll get undivided attention from our vastly experienced and highly qualified practitioners. After an initial fact-finding and consultation process our trainers develop a customized and comprehensive health and fitness program to aid you in reaching your goals and maximise your effort.

Being in shape and staying healthy doesn’t mean that you have to be spending every minute of the day at the gym. All our bespoke designed  workoutswill be fun and enjoyable and specifically focused on you achieving your goals 

Our trainers are fully accredited and leaders in the exercise science field.  With decades of combined experience working with clients our team a well-equipped to develop an individual program that considers your history of injuries, your current level of fitness as well as your goals and anxieties. We use our knowledge to design an effective and safe program beneficial to your best interests.

Sketty, Swansea

The suburb district in the Sketty district is approximately 2 miles to the west of Swansea city center along Gower Road. It is located within the Sketty council ward in Swansea. The area is approximate to Vivian Road, and Sketty Green. The village is located at Sketty Cross, which is the intersection with Gower Road, Vivian Road along with Dillwyn Road.
In the immediate vicinity of Sketty Cross and the nearby Eversley Road, a variety of businesses are located. 

There are many shops which include a launderette, two convenience stores, several hairdressers/barbers, a pharmacist, a series of cafes, and (formerly) a sub-post office. The area also has two eateries that include Slice and Gilligans as well as a variety of takeaways.

A long-running company in the region is Kristy’s Bakery on Eversley Road It was first established at Sketty in the 1940s, following the move from a destroyed building in the town’s center.

A small library that is open to the public is situated at Vivian Road to the north of the cross. Further to the northern part is The Tycoch campus at Gower College Swansea, at the intersection of Vivian Road and Tycoch Road.

The present location for The Bishop Gore School is on the northern edge of Singleton Park. The school has been located in the vicinity of De La Beche Road since 1952.

Sketty is a collection of housing styles, ranging that ranges from Victorian or Edwardian villas, to semis and prewars and detached houses, and finally the council estate in Sketty Park.

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Front of Gower College Tycoch Campus Swansea
Gower College, Tycoch Campus
Parc Singleton Park
Parc Singleton Park
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Egypt Centre

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If you’re looking for a supportive, motivational approach to fitness training in Swansea, then you’ll be pleased to know that our team is all fully accredited in their field with qualifications to a degree/master’s standard as well as many years experience working in a wide-array of professional sporting environments. We can work with you to make sure you reach your personal fitness goals. Whether it’s improving your standard, starting from scratch, or recovering from an injury, we are here to help.