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Sports Injury Rehabilitation Swansea

If not treated properly, by an accredited professional sports injury rehabilitation specialists, a sports injury can cause severe problems for many years. In the worst cases, it can even prevent all future participation in that sport. If you are looking for a Swansea injury rehab specialist who can assist you with your sports injury rehabilitation needs, then this is the place for you.

Our injury rehab Swansea staff are highly trained and experienced and therefore able to create a programme of rehabilitation which is tailored to your specific needs. Whether a trained athlete or sports enthusiast, the combination of motor and neuromuscular control which will be regained throughout your sessions may even exceed your previous levels of fitness. But what exactly can you expect from your sports injury rehabilitation Swansea sessions?

What Our Injury Rehabilitation Specialists Swansea Cover...

Biomechanical Analysis

This refers to the detailed assessment and analysis of your movement. Your initial appointment will involve your sports rehabilitator having a detailed conversation with you regarding the site of injury. They will then expect you to show them how this affects your movement and may ask you to grade your pain on a scale.

Neuromuscular Control

Prior to injury, this occurs unconsciously as it is the trained response of a muscle to a nerve signal. However, after an injury, the neuromuscular control is often unable to respond. In the early stages of sports injury rehabilitation, resistance training will be used in order to rebuild the level of control over the injured muscle.

Strength Development

Your sports rehabilitator will not only work with you on the afflicted area, but provide you with exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles to build improved support and control around the injured area. This is a crucial part of rehabilitation in order to prevent future injury. 

They will tailor the strength training exercises according to the speed of your recovery. This is an important part of sports injury rehabilitation as the weights and exercises you may have been used to using could be no longer appropriate. 

These can be adjusted for you in sessions to avoid new injuries or worsening the pre-existing one.

Minimising the Risk of Future Injuries

Part of the sports rehabilitator’s job is not only to resolve the current injury, but to teach you preventative techniques. This might include a warmup or cool-down which is more focused on that particular area, or it might be exercises which strengthen the surrounding muscle as previously mentioned. Their process will include teaching you methods of stopping the injury reoccurring.

Whether your injury was the result of a sudden accident or overuse, a session with a sports rehab expert will significantly benefit your recovery and here, at Swansea Strength and Conditioning, you will be provided with the tools to prevent it happening again.

Sports Massage

Your sports rehabilitator will be able to use massage to break down pockets of painful chemicals in the injured area and so ease soreness. This can initially be an uncomfortable process, but will ultimately relieve muscle stiffness and help you feel more comfortable on a day-to-day basis.

Increased Flexibility

Depending on the extent of your injury, you may have some scarring on your muscle. Stretching then becomes vital to regain full use of the muscle and ligaments and to prevent the tissue losing its range of movement.

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If you’re looking for a supportive, motivational approach to training in Fitness Swansea, then you’ll be pleased to know that our team is all fully accredited in their field with qualifications to a degree/master’s standard as well as many years experience working in a wide-array of professional sporting environments. We can work with you to make sure you reach your personal fitness goals. Whether it’s improving your standard, starting from scratch, or recovering from an injury, we are here to help.

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