Swansea Personal Training Monthly Review (November 2021)- SSAC

Weightlifter standing over weights plate to represent Monthly Client Review with personal trainers at Swansea Strength and Conditioning
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Here is an overview of some of the sessions and gym fitness exercises we delivered to clients throughout the Swansea area during the month of November 2021. You will see a broad spectrum of exercises designed to improve all aspects of fitness based on our clients fitness goals and aspirations…

Client from Mumbles, Swansea Working with our Injury Management Personal Trainers

Rugby Specific ACL Rehabilitation Training

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Contract glutes just before and during landing.
  • Apply a small amount of controlled force into the floor on landing when jumping over hurdles.

For more information on our Injury Rehab Sessions

Strength Personal Training Workout with a Gorseinon, Swansea Client

Client from Gorseienon during PT session with Swansea Strength and Conditioning performing a barbell overhead alternate lunge in the gym

Barbell Overhead Alternate Lunges

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Keep elbows fully extended.
  • Keep bar above the crown of the head.
  • Engage upper back muscles.

For more information on our Strength & Conditioning Sessions

Personal Training Session with Client from Tycoch, Swansea

client from Tycoch Swansea performing seated bicep curls during personal training session in Swansea

Dumbbell Seated Bicep Curls

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Allow arm to fully extend before performing the bicep curl.
  • Keep head and back on the seat.

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Bespoke S&C Workout with American Football Playing Client from Fforestfach, Swansea.

American football player from Fforestfach Swansea performing barbell hip thrusts during personal training in Swansea Gym

Barbell Hip Thrusts

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Drive hard through heels and contract glutes when lifting.
  • Be explosive on the upwards phase of the lift.

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Mount Pleasant Client Improving Core Strength with Resistance Bands During a PT Session

Mount Pleasnat client performing resistant band sit up during personal training workout in Swansea gym

Improving Core Strength with Resistance Bands

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Push lower back into the floor and contract core muscles before moving.
  • On the downwards phase of the sit up, contract core muscles to slowly control the movement.

For more information on our Personal Training Sessions

Personal Conditioning Session with Swansea RFC Rugby Player at Llandarcy Academy of Sport

Injury rehab conditioning session with Swansea RFC rugby player at Llandarcy Academy of Sport

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Chest must make contact with ground.
  • Sprint as fast as possible between each cone.
  • Foot must cross line and pass the cone.

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