Our Online Personal Training Portal Is Going Down A Storm.

1-1 Live Streming Sessions with Personal Trainers Swansea
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Throughout the Convid 19 pandemic it’s been business as usual for us at Swansea Strength & Conditioning. When we say business as usual please don’t think for one minute we’ve been ignoring government guidelines regarding social distancing etc, what we really mean is that we’ve still been delivering our expert personal training Swansea to both new and existing clients through our live-streaming online personal training portal.

Online Personal Trainer Swansea Live Streaming Sessions with Clients

For all our specialist strength and conditioning, personal training and injury rehabilitation sessions that we were running at our gym facility at the Village Hotel in Swansea, we have now (for obvious reasons) moved to delivering through our new online training and nutrition portal, achieving truly incredible results with our clients.

All our sessions are tailored specifically to each of our clients health and fitness requirements and goals and encompass all major types of training to improve endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. They are intense, varied but also a fun (which is hugely important).

We don’t only deliver individual 1-1 sessions either. We also offer small group family sessions that we’ve done with many of our clients.

Our collage below includes some of our clients at work completing different exercise routines namely:

  1. Strength and Hypertrophy (Barbell Hip Thrusts, Kettlebell Lateral Shoulder Raises
  2. Athletic Explosive Power Training (Power Cleans
  3. Injury Rehabilitation ( Ecentric Hamstring Raises
  4. Strength & Toning ( Romainian deadlift, single legs squats, Dumbell Reverse Flyes)
  5. Fat Loss and Toning (Kettle Bell Swings)
  6. Strength Training (Dumbell Standing Shoulder Press)

Personal Trainer Swansea delivering Specialist live online 1-1 sessions

As we mentioned our clients are experiencing some amazing results working with our specialist and fully accredited Swansea personal trainers. 

Our personal trainers are leaders in the field of exercise science, personal fitness and nutrition and you can access all their knowledge, and experience from the comfort of your home and at a significantly reduced price.  If this sounds like something for you then please check out our online training packages.


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