Swansea Personal Training Monthly Review (December 2021)- SSAC

Weightlifter standing over weights plate to represent Monthly Client Review with personal trainers at Swansea Strength and Conditioning
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Here is an overview of some of the sessions and gym fitness exercises we delivered to clients throughout the Swansea area during the month of December 2021. You will see a broad spectrum of exercises designed to improve all aspects of fitness based on our clients fitness goals and aspirations…

Swansea University Athletics Run Club Athlete Carrying Out Strength Session With Our Strength & Conditioning Personal Trainer

Hamstring Strengthening Nordic Curls

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Contract hamstrings to control the rate of falling forward.

  • Aim to fall forward as slowly as possible.

  • Keep torso in line with upper leg position.

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Personal Training Strength and Conditioning Session with Client from Llansamlet

Wide Grip Pull Ups

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Contract lat muscles as you pull yourself up, and on the downwards phase to control the movement.

  • Try and keep legs as relaxed as possible.

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Treboeth Client Performing Core Strength Training with our 1-2-1- Personal Trainer Liam

Core Strength Training- Anti Rotational Contol

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Contract core first, then begin movement whilst maintain core contraction.

  • Aim to keep legs stiff in same position throughout the movement.

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Paralympian Rower from Mayals SA3 working with Swansea Personal Training Specialist

Cable Lat Pull Downs

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Keep the movement of the elbows back and down.

  • Contract lat muscles on the downwards phase with a small 2 second hold at the end of the pull.

  • Contract lat muscles also on the upwards phase of the movement to control the weight back to start position.

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Morriston and Treboeth Clients During Group Personal Training Session in Swansea

Dumbell Floor Press & Bent-over Barbell Rows

Exercise Coaching Points 

Dumbell floor chest press

  • Stop movement just before elbows touch the floor.
  • Contract chest muscles as you press the dumbell upwards.
  • Squeeze dumbell handles hard throughout to maintain control.

Exercise Coaching Points 

Barbell bent over row

  • Slight bend in knee as you lean forward with a neutral back position.
  • As you lift the weight contract upper back muscles and hold for 2 secs at the top of the lift.
  • Slowly lower the barbell down back to start position under control by again contracting upper back muscles.

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Client From Uplands, Swansea During Personal Strength & Conditioning Training Session

Barbell Bulgarian Lunge

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Aim to drop knee as low towards the ground as possible without actually touching.
  • Contract quad muscles on the downwards phase to control the movement, and to make the quads works eccentrically.
  • Contract glutes from the lowest point of the lift as well as the quads on the upwards phase.
  • Keep torso upright and don’t allow to lean forward too much.

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