Mental Health Benefits of Exercise Infographic

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise
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The challenges of  the last 12 months with the Co-Vid 19 pandemic, the never ending lockdowns and restrictions have impacted us all in so many ways.

Bereavement, fear, unemployment, isolation are just some of the things we’ve had to deal with which inturn has negatively affected the mental health of so many. 

The major role our physical health plays towards our mental and emotional well-being is now well documented, but during times like we’ve experienced these last 12 months it’s been easy to develop unhealthy habits and behaviours which only serve to compound our problems and make us feel so much worse.

One of the best and most effective ways of enhancing our emotional and mental well-being is physical activity. This can come in so many forms and include everday activities such as climbing the stairs, household chores or walking to the bus, to more purposeful exercise activities such as jogging, cycling, lifting weights or playing sports.

Check out the infographic we’ve created below which lays out some of key mental health benefits that physical activity and exercise can offer us all.

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nfographic laying out mental health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity
Mental Health Benefits of Exercise Infographic

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