Swansea Personal Training Monthly Review (July 2022)- SSAC

Weightlifter standing over weights plate to represent Monthly Client Review with personal trainers at Swansea Strength and Conditioning
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Here is an overview of some of the sessions and gym fitness exercises we delivered to clients throughout the Swansea area during the month of July 2022. You will see a broad spectrum of exercises designed to improve all aspects of fitness based on our clients fitness goals and aspirations…

Personal Training In Gorseinon- Double Legged Box Jumps

Double-Legged Box Jumps

Exercise Coaching Points 

  •  Stand facing the box with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Rise slightly onto the balls of your feetBend knees and push your hips back
  • Swing your arms forward and propel yourself into the jump
  • Land gently on the box with with your feet shoulder width apart, knees bent and hips back

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Strength and Toning Training During Personal Trainer Session Mumbles

Floor Barbell Hip Thrust

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Drive hard through heels and contract glutes when lifting.

  • Be explosive on the upwards phase of the lift, and controlled on downwards phase.

For more info on our Personal Trainer Session Mumbles

Personal Fitness Training Landore Swansea- Barbell Box Squat Jumps

Barbell Jumps Squats

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Used for athletic explosive power development.

  • Partial squat of the legs prior to explosive jump movement.

  • Max effort has to be applied.

  • Ensure that not too much weight is used on this exercise. The desired outcome is an explosive fast movement, too much weight will not allow for that to occur, and therefore you will end up training a different adaptation to the one desired.

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Strength & Conditioning Training in Sketty

Single Leg Romainian Deadlift with Dumbells

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts

  • Slight knee bend and then lock that position.

  • Maintain a neutral spine position.

  • Hip hinge movement.

Personal Trainer Sessions in Sketty- Deadlifts for Toning & Cardio Fitness

Barbell Deadlifts

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Position feet hip width apart.

  • Hand placement outside of knee position.

  • Maintain a neutral spine position when lifting.

  • Heels remain flat on the floor.

  • Push through heels when lifting and contract glutes and brace core

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Gym Personal Training Mumbles

Resistance Band Chins

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Ensure to dead hang at the bottome phase of exercise
  • Pull up until your chin is above the bar.
  • Pause for 2 seconds at the top
  • Maintain a stright body position throughout

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