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Personal Fitness Training: 5 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Workout Routine

Staying motivated on your personal journey to fitness has always been one of the hardest aspects of turning your dream body into a reality, but the lockdown restrictions have placed additional obstacles on the road to success. 

Even with gyms soon set to return, it could be several months before true normality returns. That shouldn’t stand in the way of your fitness goals, though, and these simple personal fitness training tips will help you stay on track throughout the months to come.

#1. Set Achievable Personal Fitness Training Goals

Goal-setting is an essential first step on the road to fitness, not least because we all have different aspirations. Whether it’s weight loss or training for a marathon, your workout routines must be aligned to your short, mid, and long-term targets.

In addition to finding suitable objectives, you must try to break things down into manageable steps. The thought of climbing a mountain seems almost impossible, but if you make little bits of progress in each session, you will soon reach the peak. Use a similar model concept by setting targets for individual workouts and the bigger successes will soon follow.

#2. Hire A Personal Trainer

Accountability is more than a buzzword. Unfortunately, most people struggle to take responsibility for their actions in fitness. In turn, it becomes very easy to skip a few workouts, which eventually leads to further problems creeping in until you’re back to square one. 

The motivational support of a personal trainer is just one of many reasons to hire one. They won’t just ensure that you are on the right workout plan, they will actively employ a range of tactics to keep you on it. The value of this extra push has become greater than ever in the post-pandemic world. 

#3. Focus On Fun

Consistency is king if you want to keep progressing towards your long-term goals. Sadly, it is far harder to retain that motivation when workouts feel like a chore. Conversely, when you actively look forward to the sessions, staying consistent becomes easier.

While it may be tempting to follow the workout that you think burns the most calories or builds the most muscle, you must not ignore the fun factor. Even if you lost 10% of the effect in each session, the increased frequency will bring better overall results. Team sports, setting run challenges against friends, and dance classes are all good options. Mix it up.

#4. Know Your Schedule

Nobody sets out on their fitness journey with views of giving up. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way. If you cram too much into your schedule for it to stay sustainable, something will have to give. The harsh reality is that you’ll give up workouts long before your job.

Therefore, it’s important to plan your workouts. Get into the habit of exercising at the same times each week, and it will soon become a habit. Home workouts are great when you are short of time. Likewise, you should align your rest day with the day where you are busiest with work and other life goals.

#5. Celebrate Your Victories

The main focus of getting fitter is to improve your quality of life. So, unless you are an athlete who needs to stay disciplined at all times, you must allow yourself a chance to celebrate your successes. Whether it’s buying a new outfit or treating yourself to a pamper day, those simple rewards can inspire you to keep striving for progress.

Likewise, there’s nothing wrong with letting your hair down for your birthday weekend or another celebration. The key is to build the discipline needed to get back on the proverbial horse ASAP.

Take the first steps to building an effective training plan that you can stick to by checking out our professional PT services today!