Personal Training Strength and Conditioning

Swansea Personal Training Monthly Review (January 2022)- SSAC

Sketty (SA2) Client Performing Weighted Barbell Sit-Ups With One of Our Local Personal Training Coaches

Weighted Barbell Sit-Ups

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Keep movement slow and controlled by contracting abs throughout.

  • Don’t go too heavy with weight otherwise the wrong muscles will be used to help the abs out.

A Client From Cwmrhydyceirw (SA6) During a Workout With Our Swansea Weight Training Personal Trainer

Trap Bar Deadlifts

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Brace core and contract glutes from the start of the lift until the end.

  • Keep back in a neutral position.

Swansea Strength Coach Liam Taking a Personal Training Strength and Conditioning Session With Client From Gendros.

Box Squats

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Take a big breath in before starting the movement, keep breath in throughout the lift and brace core, then release breath once the movement has finished and back in start position.

  • Don’t allow knees to fold in, if it happens continuously reduce the weight.

Bonymaen Rugby Player Having a Gym Based Rugby Training and Conditioning Session With a SSAC Conditioning Trainer

Anaerobic Rugby Specific Training.

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Chest must touch floor each time.

  • Movements off the floor need to be as fast and explosive as possible.

Swansea Weight Loss Personal Trainer Working With Client From Brynmill, Swansea

Medicine Ball Slams

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Extend body up onto toes to maximise power build up.
  • Slam ball into floor as hard as possible but keep torso and head upright.
  • Engage lat muscles when slamming ball

Llansamlet Client Working Hard During Personal Training Session with Giacomo PT Trainer at SSAC

Tricep Dips

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Aim to drop down as low as possible, ideally to a 90 degree angle at the elbow.

  • Squeeze triceps whilst extending the elbow.