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Swansea Athlete Smashes PBs with Strength Training at Swansea S&C

From Rehab to Record-Breaking: A Swansea Sprint Star's Journey

Swansea University, a prestigious institution brimming with sporting talent, sits nestled within the urban sprawl of Swansea itself. Overlooking the scenic sweep of Swansea Bay and with charming villages like Reynoldston and Mumbles just a short distance away, the University boasts a long history of nurturing top-class sports players and athletes. 

Here, at Swansea Strength & Conditioning Ltd, we recently had the privilege of working with a talented young athlete, a current member of the Swansea University Athletics Team. His dedication and our tailored training programme resulted in a remarkable success story.

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Building Strength, Powering Speed: Key Elements of the Case Study

  • Age: 21
  • Occupation: Student
  • Institution: Swansea University, SA2 8QG
  • Discipline: Sprint Athlete
  • Personal Training Company: Swansea Strength & Conditioning Ltd
  • Training Duration: 12 months
  • Frequency: 3 x 1-hour sessions per week
  • Training Programme: Strength training combined with power training specific to sprint performance. Integrated a lot of compound lifts plus Olympic lifts such as power cleans into his programme. Also, at the start of his programme, the client followed an injury rehab programme to overcome proximal hamstring tendinopathy, and then post-rehab, he did the above performance training.
  • Overall Results Achieved: Massively improved his strength and power and recently achieved 2 PBs – knocking his 100m time down from 11.63 to 11.50 and a significant improvement in his 200m time from 23.60 to 23.48

Overcoming Hurdles: Injury Rehab and Strategic Strength & Power Training

Our client, a 21-year-old student-athlete at Swansea University, came to us with a clear goal: to improve his sprint times. However, a hurdle stood in his way – proximal hamstring tendinopathy.

Our expert trainers designed a targeted injury rehab programme to address the issue first. This meticulous approach ensured a strong foundation for the more intensive training to follow. 

Once recovered, we implemented a strategic programme that combined strength training with power exercises specifically designed to enhance his sprinting performance. 

Compound lifts and Olympic lifts like power cleans became key components of his routine, building the explosive power needed for a strong start and powerful acceleration.

Swansea Strength and Conditioning-Personal Strength and Power Training Case Study Success Story- Youssef Rabhi in training Swansea University Athletics Team

Commitment and Expertise: A Winning Personal Training Formula

The success of this case study lies not only in the meticulously crafted training programme but also in the unwavering commitment of both our client and our trainers. 

The athlete demonstrated exceptional dedication, pushing himself to his limits during every session. 

Our highly qualified personal trainers, with their wealth of experience working with athletes of all levels, provided constant support and motivation. Their expertise was instrumental in not only guiding the client through the exercises but also in tailoring the programme to maximise his progress.

Blazing New Performance Trails: Celebrating Achievements


The results speak volumes. In just 12 months, our client experienced a significant increase in both strength and power.

This translated directly to his sprinting performance, with his relentless pursuit and our tailored training programme paying off in spectacular fashion. He smashed two personal bests – shaving a crucial 0.13 seconds off his 100m time, clocking in at an impressive 11.50 seconds.

He also achieved a noteworthy improvement in his 200m time, going from 23.60 seconds to 23.48 seconds.

These improvements are a clear testament to the athlete’s dedication and the effectiveness of our training approach, which combined targeted injury rehab with a strategic blend of strength and power exercises specifically designed for sprint performance.”

Swansea Strength & Conditioning: Building Champions

“Witnessing this young athlete’s journey has been incredibly rewarding. His unwavering dedication, coupled with our meticulously designed training programme, resulted in significant improvements to his strength, power, and ultimately, his sprinting times. We are incredibly proud to play a part in his success, and we look forward to seeing him achieve even greater things in the future.”

Liam Carpener Jones – UKSCA Accredited Personal Trainer & Owner, Swansea Strength & Conditioning Ltd

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