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Our Online Personal Training Portal Is Going Down A Storm.

Throughout the Convid 19 pandemic it’s been business as usual for us at Swansea Strength & Conditioning. When we say business as usual please don’t think for one minute we’ve been ignoring government guidelines regarding social distancing etc, what we really mean is that we’ve still been delivering our expert personal training Swansea to both new and existing clients through our live-streaming online personal training portal.

Online Personal Trainer Swansea Live Streaming Sessions with Clients

For all our specialist strength and conditioning, personal training and injury rehabilitation sessions that we were running at our gym facility at the Village Hotel in Swansea, we have now (for obvious reasons) moved to delivering through our new online training and nutrition portal, achieving truly incredible results with our clients.

All our sessions are tailored specifically to each of our clients health and fitness requirements and goals and encompass all major types of training to improve endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. They are intense, varied but also a fun (which is hugely important).

We don’t only deliver individual 1-1 sessions either. We also offer small group family sessions that we’ve done with many of our clients.

Our collage below includes some of our clients at work completing different exercise routines namely:

  1. Strength and Hypertrophy (Barbell Hip Thrusts, Kettlebell Lateral Shoulder Raises
  2. Athletic Explosive Power Training (Power Cleans
  3. Injury Rehabilitation ( Ecentric Hamstring Raises
  4. Strength & Toning ( Romainian deadlift, single legs squats, Dumbell Reverse Flyes)
  5. Fat Loss and Toning (Kettle Bell Swings)
  6. Strength Training (Dumbell Standing Shoulder Press)

Personal Trainer Swansea delivering Specialist live online 1-1 sessions

As we mentioned our clients are experiencing some amazing results working with our specialist and fully accredited Swansea personal trainers. 

Our personal trainers are leaders in the field of exercise science, personal fitness and nutrition and you can access all their knowledge, and experience from the comfort of your home and at a significantly reduced price.  If this sounds like something for you then please check out our online training packages.

Personal Training

7 Reasons Why You Should Enrol on Our New Online Personal Training Portal

Swansea Strength and Conditioning are now offering a fully comprehensive online personal training portal for all its old and new clients.

It was always our intention to move our specialised personalised training and nutritional programmes into the online space during the course of this year, however the outbreak of the Co-vid 19 pandemic accelerated our plans to ensure we not only keep serving our fantastic and loyal clients but also maintain our position as leading personal trainers in Swansea and across South Wales.

The portal includes a wide range of different training and nutrition packages, which include live 1-1 at-home personal training workouts, personal training and nutrition plans designed by our fully qualified and accredited personal trainers and nutritionist plus regular monthly live streaming group sessions.

So what are the some of the benefits of signing up as a member on our online personal training portal?

1. A Perfect Solution for Newbies

Starting off on anything new can be a daunting experience, and your first steps on your fitness journey are no different. Entering gym with little or no previous exercise experience can be a very intimidating environment. If your body conscious or maybe you’re not confident of the correct form you need to adopt for all the different types of exercises, then online training is an ideal starting point for you. Our online personal trainers Swansea are qualified to work with all levels of ability and experience meaning all newbie trainers are in the best possible hands as they start they health and fitness journey.

2. 1-1 Personal Training Workouts

Our live 1-1 personal training workouts allow you the flexibility of when and where to workout. No more commutes to the gym. No more dropping of workouts because of unexpected work or business travel, or your schedule has changed. Your local personal trainer can be right opposite you whether you’re at home, in your garden, hotel or a far way country and meaning your fitness regime can continue uninterrupted.

3. No Expensive Equipment Required.

You don’t need a fully kitted out gym with thousands of pounds of equipment to get into tip top shape with our Swansea personal trainers. Don’t even have 5KG dumbbell? Not to worry!!! Our trainers are fully qualified leaders in their field and have the skills, knowledge and expertise in all areas of personal health and fitness to deliver adaptable and specific programmes and routines that get you results.

4. Bespoke Programmes

Once you sign-up you will be asked to complete our detailed assessment form revealing your medical history, your previous exercise experiences as well as your goals and aspirations for your overall health and fitness. This information will inform us to write fully bespoke programmes for each of our members where we draw on all of our exercise science and nutrition expertise to ensure the best results in the fastest time possible

5. Direct Access to Your Personal Trainer Swansea

Our unique online training platform is the same as having your own private personal trainer at your disposal 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Members will all get the benefit of access to our personal trainers in Swansea through our messaging and communication features inside the portal. Don’t underestimate the power and value of having a world class industry leading coach on hand to answer all your questions and queries that you may have.

6. More Affordable

Online personal training with Swansea Strength and Conditioning not only removes the need for our Swansea personal trainers to travel but also gym hiring fees. Eliminating these costs makes our online training packages a much cheaper option for you

7. Monitoring and Reporting

Your progress is extremely important to us. We want to see you achieve all your health and fitness goals or we wouldn’t be doing our jobs and delivering on our promises. Of course, you need to be dedicated, committed and disciplined to get the most out of our training but we can assure you we’re right by your side every step of the way. We provide regular and comprehensive monitoring and progress reporting to ensure our members all stay on track with their individual programmes.

We can say with confidence that the diversity and personalised nature of our online training portal makes us stand out from our competitors in the industry. Offering generalised cookie cutter plans advertised as ‘bespoke’ or ‘personalised’ and sending them out by the dozens is not our style and not what we’re about. In our book personal training means personal training. We appreciate all our members will have different needs, levels of ability, experience, goals and aspirations, which means our training, and support must be specific and individualised to them…and that’s exactly what we deliver.

If this is the online training you’re after and its results you want then check out our packages here. If there’s any questions you have then give us a call on fill in the contact form on the right hand side of our website and one of our staff will get back to you ASAP.