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Swansea Personal Training Monthly Review (August 2022)

Here is an overview of some of the sessions and gym fitness exercises we delivered to clients throughout the Swansea area during the month of August 2022. You will see a broad spectrum of exercises designed to improve all aspects of fitness based on our clients fitness goals and aspirations…

Rehab Personal Training Birchgrove Swansea (Part 2)

ACL Knee Injury Rehab

Here we are using a leg extension machine to perform single leg extension adding a weighted load to increase the resistance placed on the vmo muscle.

This will encourage greater improvements in vmo muscle strength and activation, further improving the vmo muscles ability to effectively support the knee joint under higher intensity movements.

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Rehabilitation Personal Trainer in Swansea (Part 1)

ACL Injury Rehabilitation Training

In the clip we are carrying out post operation ACL injury rehabilitation with this client using single leg vmo raises with the addition of a tense machine to re-establish vmo activation and to re- build the strength of the muscle.

This is done in order to enhance the muscles strength and recruitment abilities allowing it to better support the knee joint during movement.

One-to-One Personal Training Gorseinon

Sprint Speed Technique Training

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Drive knees high.
  • Forefoot landing.
  • Drive arms.
  • Slight forward lean of body against resistance band.

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Strength & Conditioning Coach Sketty

Single Leg Dumbell Lunges

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Keep torso upright and core braced.
  • Aim for knee to get as close to the floor as possible without touching.
  • Push through glutes and quads on upwards phase.

Leading Personal Fitness Coach Birchgrove

Deep Barbell Squats

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Place your hands close to your shoulders
  • Inhale and hold your breath throughout the lift. Exhale when you return to the start position
  • Position your feet  shoulder width apart
  • Squat if possible to a depth where hip joint is slightly lower than knee joint
  • Ensure to brace your core throughout the exercise

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Men's Personal Fitness Training Morriston

Lying Medball Chest Pass

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Lay down with your back flat on the floor
  • Hold the medicine ball in both hands on the top of your chest
  • Focus on your chest and explosively toss the ball up towards the ceiling
  • Catch the ball as it comes down and return to the start position

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