Personal Training Strength and Conditioning

Swansea Personal Training Monthly Review (March 2022)- SSAC

Killay Client During Tough Personal Training Session at Our SA1 Facility

Med Ball Slam into Box Jump

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Use lat muscles in the slam.

  • Up onto toes to aim power production.

  • Use arms with box jumps to aim power production.

  • Keep exercise as intense as possible.

Strength Training Coach Improving Upper Body Strength with Dunvant Client

Kneeling Single Arm Kettlebell Shoulder Press

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Keep torso up right and core braced.

  • Lower arm as low as possible before pressing.

  • Don’t allow torso to rotate whilst pressing.

Morriston Client Doing Some Proprioception Work with Injury Rehabilitation Personal Trainer

Single Leg Balance & Proprioception Training

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Keep core braced

  • Push up against bar throughout movement

  • Feet need to be placed between hip and shoulder width apart

Ex Swans Pro-Footballer Lee Trundle During Strength Training Session With SSAC Strength Specialist

Dumbell Walking Lunges

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Keep torso upright and core braced.

  • Aim for knee to get as close to the floor as possible without touching.

  • Push through glutes and quads on upwards phase.

Waunarlwydd Client Performing Sprint Technique Training with Personal Conditioning Coach

Sprint Technique Work

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Drive knees high.
  • Forefoot landing.
  • Drive arms.
  • Slight forward lean of body against resistance band.

Swansea RFC Indoor Conditioning Session at Llandarcy Academy of Sport

Conditioning Circuits- Swansea RFC

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Down-up sprint intervals
  • Pad slams
  • Pad hits with down-up
  • Weighted sled sprints
  • Prowlers
  • Tyre flips
  • Farmers walks