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Swansea Personal Training Monthly Review (June 2022)- SSAC

Here is an overview of some of the sessions and gym fitness exercises we delivered to clients throughout the Swansea area during the month of June 2022. You will see a broad spectrum of exercises designed to improve all aspects of fitness based on our clients fitness goals and aspirations…

SSAC Gym Trainer Providing Bespoke Strength Training To Morriston

Barbell Floor Press

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • This exercise is used to build chest, shoulders and tricep strength & size.

  • Carrying out the exercise in this way isolates the chest muscles from the shoulders a little more than when carrying out the traditional method on the bench.

  • Be explosive on the upwards phase and slow and controlled on the downwards phase.

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Strength & Personal Training in Birchgrove


Kettle Bell Deadlift

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • A compound lift used to improve full body strength.

  • Keep back in a neutral position throughout the lift.

  • Keep head and chest upright as you flex at the knees.

  • Keep heels flat on the floor.

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Young Academy Footballer From Gorseinon Performing Leg Power Exercise as Part of Personal Training Session Plan

Single Leg Box Jumps

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Used for explosive power development.

  • Max effort has to be applied when jumping to gain the desired adaptation.

  • Make sure arms are moved back when initiating the jump and then swung forward during the gym.

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Semi-Pro Rugby Player Performing Romainian Deadlifts with Strength & Conditioning Coach at Skettty

Barbell Romanian Deadlifts

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Used to build eccentric hamstring strength.

  • Only a slight bend at the knees is needed.

  • Slightly move hips and glutes back when leaning forward with the bar.

  • Actively contracting your hamstrings during this movement will improve the exercises effect on the muscles.

  • Keep back in a neutral position

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Weight Lifting Training in Morriston With Rugby Player Client

Barbell Jump Squats

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Used for athletic explosive power development.

  • Partial squat of the legs prior to explosive jump movement.

  • Max effort has to be applied.

  • Ensure that not too much weight is used on this exercise. The desired outcome is an explosive fast movement, too much weight will not allow for that to occur, and therefore you will end up training a different adaptation to the one desired.

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