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Swansea Personal Training Monthly Review (December 2021)- SSAC

Swansea University Athletics Run Club Athlete Carrying Out Strength Session With Our Strength & Conditioning Personal Trainer

Hamstring Strengthening Nordic Curls

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Contract hamstrings to control the rate of falling forward.

  • Aim to fall forward as slowly as possible.

  • Keep torso in line with upper leg position.

Personal Training Strength and Conditioning Session with Client from Llansamlet

Wide Grip Pull Ups

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Contract lat muscles as you pull yourself up, and on the downwards phase to control the movement.

  • Try and keep legs as relaxed as possible.

Treboeth Client Performing Core Strength Training with our 1-2-1- Personal Trainer Liam

Core Strength Training- Anti Rotational Contol

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Contract core first, then begin movement whilst maintain core contraction.

  • Aim to keep legs stiff in same position throughout the movement.

Paralympian Rower from Mayals SA3 working with Swansea Personal Training Specialist

Cable Lat Pull Downs

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Keep the movement of the elbows back and down.

  • Contract lat muscles on the downwards phase with a small 2 second hold at the end of the pull.

  • Contract lat muscles also on the upwards phase of the movement to control the weight back to start position.

Morriston and Treboeth Clients During Group Personal Training Session in Swansea

Dumbell Floor Press & Bent-over Barbell Rows

Exercise Coaching Points 

Dumbell floor chest press

  • Stop movement just before elbows touch the floor.
  • Contract chest muscles as you press the dumbell upwards.
  • Squeeze dumbell handles hard throughout to maintain control.

Exercise Coaching Points 

Barbell bent over row

  • Slight bend in knee as you lean forward with a neutral back position.
  • As you lift the weight contract upper back muscles and hold for 2 secs at the top of the lift.
  • Slowly lower the barbell down back to start position under control by again contracting upper back muscles.

Client From Uplands, Swansea During Personal Strength & Conditioning Training Session

Barbell Bulgarian Lunge

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Aim to drop knee as low towards the ground as possible without actually touching.
  • Contract quad muscles on the downwards phase to control the movement, and to make the quads works eccentrically.
  • Contract glutes from the lowest point of the lift as well as the quads on the upwards phase.
  • Keep torso upright and don’t allow to lean forward too much.
Injury Rehabiltation Personal Training Strength and Conditioning

Swansea Personal Training Monthly Review (November 2021)- SSAC

Client from Mumbles, Swansea Working with our Injury Management Personal Trainers

Rugby Specific ACL Rehabilitation Training

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Contract glutes just before and during landing.
  • Apply a small amount of controlled force into the floor on landing when jumping over hurdles.

Strength Personal Training Workout with a Gorseinon, Swansea Client

Client from Gorseienon during PT session with Swansea Strength and Conditioning performing a barbell overhead alternate lunge in the gym

Barbell Overhead Alternate Lunges

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Keep elbows fully extended.
  • Keep bar above the crown of the head.
  • Engage upper back muscles.

Personal Training Session with Client from Tycoch, Swansea

client from Tycoch Swansea performing seated bicep curls during personal training session in Swansea

Dumbbell Seated Bicep Curls

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Allow arm to fully extend before performing the bicep curl.
  • Keep head and back on the seat.

Bespoke S&C Workout with American Football Playing Client from Fforestfach, Swansea.

American football player from Fforestfach Swansea performing barbell hip thrusts during personal training in Swansea Gym

Barbell Hip Thrusts

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Drive hard through heels and contract glutes when lifting.
  • Be explosive on the upwards phase of the lift.

Mount Pleasant Client Improving Core Strength with Resistance Bands During a PT Session

Mount Pleasnat client performing resistant band sit up during personal training workout in Swansea gym

Improving Core Strength with Resistance Bands

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Push lower back into the floor and contract core muscles before moving.
  • On the downwards phase of the sit up, contract core muscles to slowly control the movement.

Personal Conditioning Session with Swansea RFC Rugby Player at Llandarcy Academy of Sport

Injury rehab conditioning session with Swansea RFC rugby player at Llandarcy Academy of Sport

Exercise Coaching Points 

  • Chest must make contact with ground.
  • Sprint as fast as possible between each cone.
  • Foot must cross line and pass the cone.
Personal Training

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise Infographic

The challenges of  the last 12 months with the Co-Vid 19 pandemic, the never ending lockdowns and restrictions have impacted us all in so many ways.

Bereavement, fear, unemployment, isolation are just some of the things we’ve had to deal with which inturn has negatively affected the mental health of so many. 

The major role our physical health plays towards our mental and emotional well-being is now well documented, but during times like we’ve experienced these last 12 months it’s been easy to develop unhealthy habits and behaviours which only serve to compound our problems and make us feel so much worse.

One of the best and most effective ways of enhancing our emotional and mental well-being is physical activity. This can come in so many forms and include everday activities such as climbing the stairs, household chores or walking to the bus, to more purposeful exercise activities such as jogging, cycling, lifting weights or playing sports.

Check out the infographic we’ve created below which lays out some of key mental health benefits that physical activity and exercise can offer us all.

To conclude, with restrictions now being relaxed and gyms re-opening next Monday 3rd May, it’s all systems go for us at Swansea Strength and Conditioning. Our Swansea personal trainers are welcoming back all old and new clients at our gym location in the Village Hotel, Swansea delivering our normal services including strength and conditiong, injury rehabilitation, personal training sessions as well as expert nutritional and dietary advice to support your health and fitness goals. Get in touch with us today either through phone, email, or our social media platforms to book your session(s) before all our slots fill up.


nfographic laying out mental health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity
Mental Health Benefits of Exercise Infographic

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